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Christmas CD
Derek is recording his new CD!
Derek's new CD will include exciting new performances of Christmas Carols, Hymns and Songs... Jazzed Up by Derek!

Christmas Jazz Songbook
Adam and Evangelos are also preparing an exciting publication, a Christmas-Jazz songbook with simplified transcriptions of Derek's extraordinary playing, as transcribed by his mentor (Professor Adam Ockelford).

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Forthcoming concerts:

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Derek Paravicini

Derek has a unique style of playing with a phenomenal technique that enables him to play and improvise pieces of the utmost complexity on the piano. His preferred styles are jazz, pop and light classical. He has a great memory, and can recall thousands of pieces instantly, which he can play in different keys and even in different styles. So he can play Bach with a 'walking bass' and jazz in the contrapuntal style of Bach!

Derek was self-taught from the age of 2, until, at the age of five he started having weekly and daily lessons with Adam Ockelford, at the time a music teacher at Linden Lodge School for the Blind in Wandsworth, London. The main challenge was to straighten out Derek's technique which, as a young child, was very eccentric, involving knuckles, fists, karate chops and even the occasional elbow!

Derek loves to perform live, and is currently undertaking a series of concerts with the Orchestra of St Johns, London, in their 'Music for Autism' series - special events for families with autistic children.

His first commercial CD Echoes of the Sounds to Be is now available for online purchase as well as download.